Oscar Dog for Adoption


Oscars story is very sad. Right before we were going to go to the airport, we saw Oscar running on a busy street in Alanya. He was walking behind some kids that were on their way home from school. I saw him follower the kids like it was a normal routine and the school kids didn´t mind at all that Oscar was following them. But I knew something was not right. I went over to Oscar but he disappeared, but I knew that this dog was not going to be left behind before I go back to Denmark. I ran and saw him going into a garden, but he came out again and I approached him – and the sweetest dog licked my face and his tail wagged. Oscar was not even a year old before and he was in a good shape. He had a collar, so I thought he did have an owner. I took him to the shelter, and we posted it on Facebook looking for the owner of Oscar. And no one claimed him.
Oscar´s story is very common in Turkey. Oscar got adopted and is going to a loving home in Denmark. He´s just such a sweet boy and his luck changed forever.

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