Adopting Process

When adopting a paw, you need to take into consideration of what it takes to adopt a dog:

– I´m ready to adopt a street dog?
– Do I know what it takes?
– Do I have time for a dog?
– Please consider which breed you want to adopt
– You have to be 25 years old before you can adopt a dog from us
– As us questions! If you have any doubt about which dog would be best for your family,
then please ask us and we´ll help you out.
– We visit the adoption family before we say yes!

If you would like to adopt a dog from Santa Dog Foundation please visit our “adopt a dog”.
Here you will find the dogs that are looking for their forever home.


When you find a paw that you want to adopt on our webpage, you´ll then have
to wait 3 months before the dog can travel. It´s due to vaccines and a blood
test that are required from the EU. When the dog has it´s vaccine done and blood
test taken, then we´ll know when your adopted dog is ready to travel and we then
plan the flight.


To ensure the dogs safety that are adopted by Santa Dog Foundation we ensure an adoption contact for adoption all of our dogs. The contact is legally binding in case the adoption does not fall though.

We visit all of our adoption families before saying yes to the adoption. Santa Dog Foundation approves the families and go thought the contact to ensure all formalities are understood. It´s not just a dog. It´s a family member and as any foundation we want only the best for our dogs.


We arrange the transport for the adopted paw. We keep in contact with the family to ensure an update. All of our dogs have a flight companion that takes the dog to the airport. They meet us at the upon arrival destination. Our adopted dogs arrive in Hamburg or Copenhagen, and the adoption family have to go to the airport and pick up their adopted dog.


It´s like having butterflies in your stomach! When you pick up your adopted paw the awaiting time is over. You don´t know what to expect and you don´t know how to react. It´s normal. As much as exited as you are the same goes for the adopted dog. Have patience and lots of love. It´s been a long ride and we´re almost there.


Your adopted paw is tired after a long flight. It´s very normal that the dog sleeps a lot due to a new environment. Don´t worry -it´s very normal. It´s a new beginning and you´re not alone. And we´re here for you and that is why we always follow up on our adopted dogs.
We visit the families after a month to see how everything is going and if the family has any questions. We love following our adopted dogs on social media. It´s important for us, that our dogs are well taken care of and have a safe home.

What Are the Requirements to Adopt a Rescue Dog?

It’s always important to know what is needed of you before you start the adoption process from Santa Dog Foundation. Here are some things you need to know before you adopt a rescue dog and what to consider.


Shelters and rescues may want a specific environment for the cats or dogs that
they adopt out. A representative of the organization may visit your home to
make sure your home is suitable and safe for the rescue dog/cat. A larger dog
may require a fenced yard or a senior pet may need a home without stairs. Our
representative will let you know if a home visit is needed before adopting a pet.

You to be at least 21 years old to adopt a rescue dog.

To verify your age and where you live, you’ll need to provide valid identification to the Santa Dog Foundation.


The adoption fee for adopting a dog is 6.000 kr. The adoption fee covers the costs:

⦁ Transport

⦁ Vet

⦁ Flight ⦁

Customs Office

⦁ Veterinary and Food Administration

⦁ Flight box

⦁ Customs

The adoption fee for rescue dogs is 6.000 kr

The adoption fee for senior dogs over the age of 6 is 4.500 kr

There is a deposit fee of 2.500 kr and the deposit is non-refundable.