Animal charities

How Does it Work?

Like any other foundation, we try our very best to help every shelter that we visit. One of the main principles that we aim for is to visit the shelters that we work with each month and to meet the doggies that we help. We have come across many different shelters throughout the years and it´s never easy to say goodbye when you leave.

We focus on the main issues that the shelters need the most that could be dog food, medicine etc. We always travel with very heavy luggage. We collect donations and pack everything in our luggage so the shelters that need medicine and food will receive them. The more shelters we visit the more you see the facts of what is important. You become more practical and initiative with the necessary plans since time is essential. Many of the dogs that come to shelters are often mistreated street dogs and it´s always hard for the shelters to evaluate how to help the animals in need.

Support shelters

Your donation will help street dogs and shelters like BETA, Soi Dog Foundation, etc. To ensure better living conditions for the street dogs. The world is changing and animal charities that we support are the only way that we can help to overcome the bad reputation that street dogs have. Street dogs are not aggressive. People are part of the problem. One of our partners is Soi Dog Foundation, take a look at the video to see more of their work.

Emergency veterinary care and pet food

Each year, Santa Dog Foundation provides emergency veterinary care and pet food to the hundreds of thousands of homeless street dogs. We try to provide better living conditions at the shelters such as Strays of Alanya and Villa Asli. We can continue our work by building bold partnerships and crating animal charity events for saving animals in need.

Solution is to remain positive

The solution is to remain a positive goal and focus on the good outcome. Animal charities ensure that we can help injured street dogs, focus on our spay and neuter program, vet care, etc. Having unwanted animals on the streets only makes us even work harder each day. The solution is to spay and neuter and animal charities help us to provide vet care to succeed within the program.

Long-Term Impact of animal charities

Every day we receive calls to end the pain and suffering of the street dogs that live on the streets.

We try to find families for the sweet animals that deserve to live with a family. Animal charities such as Soi Dog, BETA, Strays of Alanya, etc. have the chance to improve the facilities for the dogs, provide food for the animals, and essential vet care. The long-term impact of animal charities is our foundation for what we stand for and how we can help more unwanted animals. By donating to an animal charity, you are part of saving a life.