Dogs For Adoption



Why adopt a rescue dog?

We get this question asked frequently! Adopting a rescue dog is one of the most heartwarming things you can do. Believe it or not, but adopting a dog from a shelter saves a life, that would have been put to sleep in an overcrowded shelter.

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Adopt a rescue dog questionnaire – Questions you will be asked and what to prepare for:

Adopting a dog is not always simple. While the process of dog adoption is straightforward, especially with reputable dog breeders or animal shelters, it’s your personal situation that requires more thought. Below dog adoption questionnaire will guide you through common questions that Santa Dog Foundation will ask during the interview to ensure a good fit.


Perks and Benefits for the animals’ welfare by joining our membership

Improvement of the shelters

At Santa Dog Foundation we focus on shelters’ improvement and development. There are many animals coming to the shelters every day and as a result, shelters can get overcrowded. We want to ensure that this does not happen. The contributions from Santa Dog Foundation membership provide help for the shelters so overcrowding can be avoided.

Food for the doggies

Dog food is the most essential for the shelters. Our mission is to be able to buy dog food for the dogs at the shelters. Before we visit the shelters, we always go to the local supermarket and buy food for the dogs. Our goal is to buy food as much as we possibly can during our stay. 

We travel to help the doggies

As a foundation we collect many donations for the dogs that we support. Each donation that we collect can save an animal’s life.   We always travel heavily equipped as it is not always easy to have access to medicine, and with your help, we can travel with medicine and donate to the shelters in need of help.


At Santa Dog Foundation we highly focus on that sweet dogs to get adopted. For every adopted dog it means a warm bed, food and a family that will provide lots of hugs and love. We don´t wish for any dog to spend their entire life at the shelter.  Your membership means that the sweet dogs waiting to get adopted will have a chance to find their forever home.

Arrival & Departure

We are always looking for a “flight buddie” for our adopted dogs. After three months in quarantine the dogs are ready for departure. If we can´t travel then we find a “flight buddie” for the adopted dog. Flights costs are paid by Santa Dog Foundation. This makes it possible for the adopted dog to depart to its final destination – HOME!

Medicine & Vet

We value that our sponsors donate towards the shelters. The donations that we receive are used for medicine and vet care. The contributions from the membership at Santa Dog Foundation provide medical supplies, especially for animals that are in critical need of vet care.