Morgana Dog for Adoption


Morgana was born at the shelter in Turkey. I think that somehow, she got lost in between all the dogs and became the forgotten dog. She did get her daily walks and hugs but no one never saw her with our eyes at Santa Dog Foundation.
We saw Morgana in 2019 at Strays of Alanya, where she was born. At first, I didn´t notice her since she was a very quiet girl. One day, the last day we visited the shelter, I stopped and saw her sitting like an angel waiting to be loved. I filmed Morgana at that moment and the became a girl that everyone wanted to adopt. She got more than 150,000 views on Facebook and her life changed at that moment.
Morgana was adopted in September 2020, and she has found her forever home in Denmark. Her story become known at Santa Dog Foundation, since the video was very heartwarming of a dog that was eager to find a loving home.

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