Lucy Dog for Adoption


Lucy is the last puppy we saved from the garbage container in the mountains. She is the oldest sibling to Tøsen and Hailie. I remember the story of Lucy like it was yesterday and a rescue story that marked the wiliness of survival. We went to pick up Tøsen and Hailie from the garbage area but we couldn´t find Lucy. We knew that there were 3 puppies but Lucy was nowhere to be found. We took Tøsen and Hailie straight to the vet. On the last day of departure as I couldn´t leave Lucy I took a chance and went back to the mountains and the garbage area. We looked for Lucy everywhere. We couldn´t find her and we thought that this was it, she’d gone. At last glance we went down the mountain hills and looked around. We somehow knew that something was wrong. We found Lucy lying next to her mom. Her mom was dead, probably poisoned and she would not leave her mother’s side. Heartbroken we pulled Lucy away from her dead mom and took her to the vet. The survival instinct is strong and the unconditional family bond that dogs have is extraordinary. I remember this case with Lucy like yesterday. We were able to find a family in Denmark that loves her unconditionally. Lucy is a fighter.

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