Aries in 4 years old boy and is a medium size boy. Character: Highly intelligent, Aries is independent
and bold, affectionate and playful. Typical of a hunting dog, he needs to burn off energy and loves
taking in all the smells on his walks. He will need someone who has time for long walks every day and
work on his training. As well as exercise, GSP’s adore being with their family, are good with children,
and love company. Aries is well socialized, loyal and extremely sweet.
Cats: needs to be tested and he loves to play with other dogs and goes well with most
Kids: goes well with visiting children at the rescue
Chipped: not yet Sterilized: Health good
Medication: Non
He was found on the street when he was around 5 months old – skinny, hungry, and with a broken hind

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