Amigo is a sweet and loyal dog and about 1,5 years old. He is Medium Size and male dog. He got sterilized and vaccinated as part of a TNVR program near Agadir in Morocco last summer.
In August 2021 he was involved in a car accident and got hit on his front and back leg. At that time the rescue shelter, which found him, couldn’t provide him immediate care, so he waited until he saw the vet.
By the time he finally saw the vet, his front leg grew back together, but with a bent. His back leg was dislocated and he just recently had surgery on it in December and slowly puts pressure on it again. But all of this doesn’t bother him much. He runs towards you and jumps in the air, when he gets excited.
Amigo is very friendly with other dogs and likes to play with them. When he is done playing, he loves to sit on your lab to sleep or just crawls up in a comfortable position with all his four legs in the air.
He is shy first with new people, but as soon as he gets to know this person he is totally fine and looks right to you
with his beautiful eyes. Amigo loves cuddles and has a special and funny character and would be a great asset towards any family, who is patient and gives him all the love he deserves.

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