Adopt a rescue dog questionnaire – Questions you will be asked and what to prepare for:

Adopting a dog is not always simple. While the process of dog adoption is straightforward, especially with reputable dog breeders or animal shelters, it’s your personal situation that requires more thought. Below dog adoption questionnaire will guide you through common questions that Santa Dog Foundation will ask during the interview to ensure a good fit.

1. Are you married?
2. Do you have children?
3. Who else lives with you?
4.Does everybody in your household agree with this adoption?
5. Does anyone in your household have allergies or asthma?
6. Who will be the primary caretaker?
7. Are you prepared to care for this dog for 10-15 years?
8. Who will care for your dog if you become ill or unable to do so?
9. Why do you want to adopt a dog?
10. Where do you live?
11. Do you own your home or rent?
12. Do you have a yard? Does it have a fence?
16. Where will your dog sleep?
17. Will you leave your dog alone during the day?
18. Where will the dog be left alone?
19. How often will you exercise your dog?
20. Do you have enough time to play with your dog?
21. Have you had a pet before?
22. Did you ever have to surrender your pet to a pound or a shelter?
23. Do you currently have any other pets?
24. Do you know a veterinarian you can go to?
27. Will you stay up to date with vaccines?
28. How often will you visit the veterinarian?
29. Are you able to cover all the vet expenses?
30. Do you have a limit for vet visits?
31. Will you purchase pet insurance?
32. How will you keep your dog’s teeth clean?
33. Will you take your dog to a groomer if the breed requires?
34. Do you have a preferred gender for the dog?
35. Do you have a preferred age for the dog?
36. What traits are you looking for in a dog? (your lifestyle)
37. Are there any behaviors that would be unacceptable to you?
38. How do you plan on training your dog?
39. Will you hire a professional dog trainer?
40. How fast do you think a dog will adjust to you and your home?
41. What if you’ll have to move to a new place?
42. What if your family situation changes?
43. Do you travel a lot?
44. Under what circumstances would you give up your dog?
45. What will you do with the dog if you can not keep him?
46. ​​What if you pooch grows to be bigger than you expected?
47. Would you consider adopting a dog with a disability?
48. Do you want additional info on dog care?
49. Are you willing to have a volunteer inspect your home?
50. How did you hear about our rescue?